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Krieghoff, Wir Können Waffen.
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Whether you are choosing a K-80 for trap, skeet, or sporting clays, it will be built around the same receiver, the difference between the models being in barrel length, rib configuration, and stock dimensions. Those choices will be described in detail in the following pages, but there are several important features that are common to all K-80s.

The Receiver

The K-80 receiver is the heart of the K-80 system. A workhorse capable of firing many hundreds of thousands of rounds in its lifetimes it begins as a piece of high quality forged steel being shaped in sophisticated computer controlled CNC machines. It is finished in the best tradition of German craftsmanship, all internal parts filed and hand fit with the consummate touch of one of Krieghoff's highly skilled gunmakers.

The K-80

K-80 Parcours Krieghoff

Krieghoff K80 Logo

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